Frequently Asked Questions

How does the bookkeeping process work?

Working with Odds & Evens Bookkeeping can be summed up in 5 easy steps:

Step #1:  Send me your documents – receipts, invoices, bank statements! The great thing about cloud accounting is that it allows us to utilize document collection and storage tools so that you can avoid the end of of the month stress of searching desk drawers and file folders for receipts. Document collection is as easy as taking a picture on your smartphone or setting up an email forward.

Step #2:  Once your documents have been received, the fun happens! On a weekly basis, I will organize, categorize, reconcile and record all of your transactions to ensure your bookkeeping is as up to date as possible.

Step #3:  I will monitor some or all of your government accounts (payroll, GST, PST, import/export etc.), sending you reminders about what remittances are due and when you have to pay them.

Step #4:  At the end of each month or quarter, the two of us will review your Profits & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flows to ensure you’re on target to meet your business goals.

Step #5:  You’re all set to focus on doing what you do!

What does it cost? 

During the onboarding process I charge a standard rate of $75.00 per hour, plus GST. Once your books are in great shape, we work together to build a package that meets your ongoing needs.

My payroll is getting really complicated, can you take that off my hands?

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: Payroll is one of my specialties and a subject that I am very passionate about. While payroll can seem simple on the surface (Hours x Wage less a little tax, CPP, and EI right?), payroll can become complicated quickly, especially if you are offering your employees benefits such as access to vehicles, insurance plans, and non-cash bonuses. Additionally, accurate payroll calculations are vital to your employees future well being. Inaccurate calculations can result in costly income tax bills for your employees, lower CPP income once the employee retires, and denial of EI benefits.

Will you work in our office?

Most of my work is done at my office. However, on occasion, I do work in client offices. Please contact me directly to discuss your needs.

I own a retail, wholesale, or manufacturing business and am having difficulty managing my inventory records. Is this something you can help me with?

I can! I have six years of experience working with inventory records for a large corporation with multiple warehouses (this was actually my introduction to bookkeeping). I am comfortable with both perpetual and periodic inventory systems, as well as costing, budgeting, and analysis. I would be happy to help set up a process that works for you and your business.